Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Belated Update

Happy with his new hat.
It's been quite some time since our family blog has been updated.  I've spent a great deal of time focusing on my automotive blog for school and there was a spell where I was also having some trouble with blogger.  Cooper grows bigger every day and baby number two is well on it's way!  We should be finding out the gender in a month or so :).  Cooper is now mobile, if he's not crawling he's scooting, and it if he's not scooting he's rolling.  He has also started pulling himself up on furniture and tooth number five is showing between Cooper's vampire teeth!  Enjoy some pictures from the last couple of months!

Cooper's first sledding trip!

First time in the snow!

Helping with the laundry

Cereal beard

Too tired for dinner

Ward Halloween party

All that and a bag of chips!

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